Stable Fluids 3D Demo Windows x86 32bit Download

Yet another 3D implementation of Jos Stam’s famous algorithm. For a more professional, precise and sophisticated implementation, it is a good idea for you to look into the physbam project of Ronald Fedkiw

Currently the demo is build for Windows only. I have build a Linux version including a Debian package too, however I simply did not take the time to finish some details of the package project.

If you own an nVidia chipset then the demo won’t crash when you select the Cg implementation. If your chipset also offers Cuda support, the demo won’t crash when you select the Cuda implementation. Again, I simply did not take the time to disable the corresponding context menu items in case of the missing hardware support. I did not figure out the programming mistake in the Conjugate Gradient implementation yet, so please don’t be confused of the smoke freaking out.

2D & 3D

Hold Left Mouse Button (LMB) pressed both to draw smoke and to swirl it around.

Click Right Mouse Button (RMB) to open the Context Menu to switch between different algorithms.


Hold key m and then LMB down and drag the mouse across the window area to turn the camera around.

Press key r to remove any smoke and wind.

Press keys v, c or to toggle vectors for velocities, and vorticities.